Welcome to the Pond

   Rib-it, rib-it! Here I am jumping into the blog pond, a small frog. Some fondly refer to the Atlantic Ocean as the pond, separating that “sceptered island” from the colonies. Emily Dickinson disdained publicity, a very private writer, as I style myself. But in today’s world it behooves the reclusive writer to try to jump in, make  a splash, even a small one.  The jargon of today is “to establish a platform” for one’s books, maybe even a diving board. Although I evoke that great American poetess for my blog, would she really be caught dead on a blog? Delete the “l” and we have that “bog.”  Would she think I profane her name by posting it here?  I hope not. I choose to use the famous line from her poem as the jumping off point for my author’s blog.  My commentaries will run the gamut of writing fiction and poetry, the creative process, discussion of my novels and of other authors’ books.  Blogs have become an outlet for countless writers working in isolation. From my solitary outpost surrounded by the Flathead Forest in northwest Montana, I leap into the expansive space of the blogosphere.


One response to this post.

  1. Splash! There’s room in this expansive bog-o-sphere for me, and I like your words. A shower of white rose petals just fell with soft plops and now float amidst the lily pads. Celebration of your daring to “Rib-it!”


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