Virtues of Walking

Today I was reminded of the virtues of walking. Spring was late in coming to my neck of the woods, and here it is officially summer. Warmer and sunnier thankfully today, I walked and thought. Walking is conducive to thinking. I mostly thought about the novel I am writing. I take my walk after two hours of writing, which usually is the most I do at one sitting. I do not get so much thinking done in any other activity. Washing dishes, vacuuming, pulling weeds, any other physical activity do not produce the same results. The combination of fresh air, sun, trees, birds, and sky possess something inherently thought-provoking for me.

In my walk, I worked out many details of my story. Ideas came left and right on how I could improve or change words, sentences and paragraphs. When I arrived home, I was well-satisfied in body and soul. I immediately resumed my writing to add the ideas that had occurred to me during my walk, and I wrote an hour more before stopping.  Beyond the thoughts the walk produced; I was energized, refreshed and stimulated.  The best remedy for a roadblock in your writing is to take to the road. Walk outdoors. Solutions for that troublesome spot suddenly come to mind on a walk.

Walking’s ability to rejuvenate seems to derive from its leisurely pace. Objects do not speed by so fast as to make close observation and contemplation of them impossible. The walker can absorb the scenery.  I don’t have to huff and puff, sweat and strain with some misbegotten notion that I am molding a plump body into  perfect shape, but just relax, breath in the fresh air, and take in the sights. Walking is different from hiking. In hiking I think of climbing a steep slope, exerting myself to reach a certain height. I don’t want to climb steep grades. I want to think and to see and not to hear myself gasping to go a few feet higher up an elevation gain. I’ve done that and it has done little for my writing productivity.  But walking has enlarged my imagination and has inspired me to maintain a disciplined writing schedule.


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