New Short Story Collection

I compiled thirty-one stories that I have written over a span of thirty-one years into a story collection available in paperback and e-book editions. I chose the story The Cat Who Would Be a Woman as the title piece because of its whimsical nature.  As the lead story, it puts a new spin on the age-old fictional device of anthropomorphism.  Don Rogers, graphic designer, created the cover. We discussed whether it would be perceived as too risqué, but a survey of both men and women who read the story thought the sensuality of the cover image was tasteful while suggestive of  the playful cat Gretchen whose fairy cat godmother Nabila appears to grant her wish.

Just as some cat tails are long and some are short, the tales in this collection offer something for every reader.  Their diverse subjects often employ eccentric characters and fantastical situations with surprise twists at the end. Some tales are a few pages that can be read in a few minutes while waiting for an appointment. The longest tale “Cosa Distinta” takes a woman on a romantic adventure between Chicago and Buenos Aires. The stories are quirky and unusual, the settings ranging from contemporary America to Chernobyl. Modern love relationships are explored in a humorous tone. A fractured fairy tale “Jack on the Beam,” which I originally composed for my son when he was ten years old, adds to the eclectic mix.  On serious notes, the death of a child in “Of Those Who Sleep” and the ravages of old age in “When the Curtain Comes Down” are explored.

This collection presents a kaleidoscope of delightful tales, mostly short, on a variety of themes with a goodly mixture of humor, horror, realism and fantasy. For a quick romp through a collection of stories that are unlike any others you may have read, I invite you to read my The Cat Who Would Be a Woman and Other Strange Tails,” the long and the short of my venture into the realm of short-story writing.

Other story titles in the collection are: Horse Wife Hattie, Some Peace and Quiet, Spirits from Down under, Beauty Secrets, Stella’s Farm, An Alien Game of Jacks, The Devil Went Down, Dostoyevsky in Chicago, Fortune Smiles, Celia, The Red Shed, What Horrified Mother, Year of the Drought, Cousins, Lazy KZ Bar, First Leson, Merlin, Suddenly Sane, Oh For Fudge Ripple, Road Work, A Visit to Mrs. Gulik, Rivalry, The Wolf at Our Door, Out of Character, The Tie That binds, Cycling of Maureen.


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  1. Posted by Nancy Branda on November 10, 2012 at 8:30 am

    Hi Olivia, Thanks for the notice. Should I get access to a Kindle, I’ll be sure to look up your collection. Nancy


  2. Free Kindle App readers for many devices–ipod,iphone,ipad,android–and your PC are available on the Amazon site. Look in the left menu under Kindle, which will lead you to the apps. You don’t need a Kindle Reader to read my ebooks.


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