I write novels, short stories and poetry. My novels and poetry anthologies are all available in Amazon Kindle and print editions. My poetry books include: Women at the Well, Land of the Four Quarters: A Poetic History of the Incas, Geography of My Bones: Collected Poetry of Olivia Diamond, Novenas for Grandmother, Please Trespass Here, and Playground. My novels include: The Wheels of Being, The Pluperfect Phantom, Gardens under Which Rivers Flow, Gerontion and the Maiden, Delayed Reaction and the historical trilogy composed of Voice of Stone, Conquistadora and Daughter of the Conquest. I was born in Chicago. In 1998 I moved from Rockford, Illinois, to a writer’s retreat with my novelist/husband on forty acres bordering the Flathead National Forest in northwest Montana, where we write, observe nature and send missives to the world.  We share our log house with Molly, a ragdoll cat, or she deigns to share the house with us, as she is an Egyptian queen reincarnated in Whitefish, Montana.  When not writing I enjoy playing the folk harp in preparation for my next life, too.  I can do two things fairly well:  read good books and play Scrabble.  I deem the epitaph She Read Herself to Death a suitable inscription for my grave stone. With  a B.A. in English from Northern Illinois University and an M.A from the University of Missouri, Columbia, one could say I am suited for the writing life, if not much else. Unabashedly,  I am an over-qualified bookworm.  My literary interests most often turn to historical fiction, magical realism, and poetry that is not self-involved, although I am extremely fond of dramatic monologues and the narrative line in poetry. I also hike and fish–relief for the eye strain of the computer and a hyperlink with reality.  Here I am with my fish puppets:


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